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Expanding housing choices for older people
About The Conference
The Retirement Housing sector is seeing unprecedented interest and recognition of the vital role it can play in addressing some of the biggest issues we face in the UK, namely the housing crisis and demographic timebomb of increasing care needs. The Social Care White Paper shows that Government has got the message that “every decision about care is also a decision about housing. We will continue to work across government to explore options to support and incentivise market growth, including ways to give developers greater clarity, investors more confidence and provide consumers with the necessary protections”. Our conference in September will be the ideal opportunity to hear how this increased focus from Government is beginning to play out in practice.

The sector has seen record interest from investors and we will learn what they are looking for. Diversity of offerings increases constantly and we will be unpicking the latest trends, hearing from operators and experts working across all aspects of retirement housing. Housing Associations are also picking up on the demographic trends, with greater certainty over rents and available funding renewing interest after relatively limited new development of affordable homes for those in later life.

As ever the need for insight into what customers and potential customers want from our developments is vital, so we are pleased to announce that all delegates will receive a free copy of ProMatura Europe’s latest report, titled “Do the British Want to Live In Integrated Retirement Communities?”

Hear from the Conference Director, Steve Secker

Conference Agenda

Our Conference Chair will provide an introduction to the conference, to our sponsors and partners, and summarise the agenda.


• Hear from ProMatura Europe with results of some brand new UK research into a nationally representative sample of people as the potential target market for developers of retirement housing.

All delegates will also receive a free copy of ProMatura Europe's latest report, “Do the British Want to Live In Integrated Retirement Communities?”

• Attitudes and preferences of these prospective younger retired IRC discretionary purchasers

• Unique in using conjoint analysis to understand the effect product features and price have on demand

• Define what schemes should encompass by precisely quantifying what potential residents want and what they will actually pay for


Hear from Anchor's new CEO on her perspective and in particular how ESG can bring the sector together

• Carterwood will share the recent research into sales velocity and what influences success

• Panel members will discuss their experience in the market for sales and rental

• Role of technology in helping sector, hear the latest from the TAPPI project

• Johnnie Johnson's Customer First initiative and how this has reshaped the delivery of services

• Perspective of the BAME community and how the Ageing Well network is helping promote different models

• Discussing the journey Inspired Villages have been on

• Opportunities of the ESG agenda

• Panel discussion to explore the benefits of different tenures

• What changes would you like to see to help boost sector growth?

• What can we learn from other countries?

• What do we need to help consumer confidence in retirement housing tenures?

• What do we need to do to address the barriers to the sector's growth?

• Speakers with different professional expertise will discuss their thoughts and join the panel discussion

• Shane will share his reflections of the day and how the sector is adapting

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Conference Speakers
Meet our expert speakers and panellists
Conference director, LaingBuisson
Managing Director, Casson Consulting
Managing Director, Adlington Retirement Living
Managing Director, Carterwood
Senior Director, Arcadis
Chief Executive Officer, Inspired Villages
Head of Healthcare and Senior Living, BNP Paribas
European Director, ProMatura
Managing Director, Autumna
Chief Executive Officer, Johnnie Johnson Housing
Managing Director, McCarthy Stone
Chief Executive, Anchor
Head of Development & Relationships, Abbeyfield Society
Divisional Managing Director (Southern), McCarthy Stone
Land, Design & Planning Director, Churchill Retirement
Chief Executive, TSA
Director of Retirement, Head of Retirement, Octopus Real Estate
Executive Director, ARCO
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Don't get lost on your way to the Kings's Fund London
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