Retirement Housing Conference

  • 09:15
    Registration & Welcome Refreshments

    Upon arrival, please proceed to the registration desk to collect your badge and enjoy a warm welcome with tea and coffee.

  • 10:00
    Welcome & Introduction from the Conference Chair

    Our Conference Chair will kick off the event by introducing the conference, expressing gratitude to our sponsors and partners, and providing an overview of the agenda. This session sets the stage for an engaging and informative conference.

  • 10:05
    The Evolving Landscape of Retirement Housing

    In this session, we will provide a comprehensive view of the retirement housing sector, drawing on the latest market analysis from LaingBuisson's Retirement Housing Market report and updated census data. We will explore the diverse range of offerings within the sector, covering everything from age-exclusive bungalows to integrated retirement communities. The session will discuss various tenures, including affordable housing providers, private rental options, and luxury retirement villages.

  • 10:15
    Shaping the Retirement Housing Sector with The Task Force

    Join us as we welcome Julienne Meyer and Co-Leads of the Workstream across People, Product and Place, who will provide updates on the progress of the Task Force who have recently issued a call for evidence that closes on 18th September.

    This interactive session will offer an excellent opportunity to engage with the panel and share one recommendation, beginning “We recommend government…”.

  • 10:45
    Creating Customer-centric Retirement Housing Environments

    Understanding the needs and expectations of retirees is crucial for creating successful retirement housing projects. In this session, we will explore the customer perspective, examining factors such as and how this is influencing scheme design, tenures, location, branding and marketing. Experts and industry professionals will share insights and best practices for creating customer-centric retirement housing environments.

  • 11:30
    Networking Break and Exhibitor Showcase
  • 11:50
    Navigating the impact of Technological Advancements

    This session will examine how emerging technologies are revolutionising the way retirees live and age as well as the latest technological trends in the market. We will explore how multi-tenure and different housing models are influenced by customer feedback. Additionally, we will discuss the design trends of exemplary schemes and the role of customer influence in shaping them. Attendees will gain insights into the benefits, challenges, and ethical considerations of incorporating technology into retirement housing communities.

  • 12:30
    Driving Sustainable Transformation and Inclusion: ESG and Diversity in Retirement Housing

    Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations play a significant role in shaping retirement housing communities. We will be hearing particularly about how we adress teh needs of BAME and other diverse communities. We will explore the ESG criteria sought by investors and financiers when considering the sector. This session will highlight the importance of integrating ESG principles into retirement housing projects, including sustainable construction practices, energy efficiency, social inclusivity, and fostering diverse communities. Speakers will share experiences and strategies for implementing ESG initiatives effectively.

  • 13:15
    Lunch and Networking Break

    Enjoy lunch while connecting with fellow attendees, speakers, and industry professionals. This is the perfect opportunity to exchange ideas, forge new partnerships, and recharge before the afternoon sessions.

  • 14:15
    Enhancing Collaboration between the Retirement Sector and Local Government

    Building effective partnerships between the retirement sector and central and local government is crucial. In this session, we will explore lessons learned and discuss strategies for improving collaboration between these entities. We will consider teh key role of housing needs assessments in planning successfully. Through valuable insights and experiences shared by industry experts, we will identify ways to enhance cooperation and address common challenges.

  • 15:00
    Networking Break and Exhibitor Showcase
  • 15:15
    Repurposing, Refurbishment, and Regeneration Strategies for the Future

    Addressing the legacy of older housing stock and ensuring sustainability for future customers is crucial. In this session, Abdul will explore various options, including repurposing, refurbishment, and regeneration. Furthermore, we will discuss the update on the work of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG). Additionally, Shahi will explain New Homes England strategic plan.

  • 15:35
    Envisioning the Future: Mapping the Path for the Retirement Housing Sector

    This forward-looking interactive session will focus on the future of retirement housing. Experts, Shane, and Anthony will discuss emerging trends, innovative design concepts, and potential disruptions that could shape the sector in the coming years. They will also share their visionary ideas and challenges for the audience to consider. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of how demographic shifts, changing preferences, and advancements in technology will influence the future landscape of retirement housing. The discussions will build upon the topics raised throughout the day, fostering an engaging and thought-provoking exchange of ideas.

  • 16:20
    Reflections and Closing Remarks

    This session provides an opportunity for attendees to collectively reflect on the conference discussions. Through open dialogue and shared experiences, participants will distil key takeaways, identify actionable insights, and shape a vision for the future of retirement housing. Our Conference Chair will wrap up the conference, expressing gratitude to all attendees for their participation. Following the closing remarks, a drinks reception will commence, providing an opportunity for further networking and informal discussions.

  • 16:30
    Networking Drinks

    Join us at the drinks reception, providing an opportunity for further networking and informal discussions.

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