Professor Ying Cheong

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Professor Ying Cheong is a Consultant Gynaecologist, has worked in many of the UK’s leading IVF clinics and, is an expert in fertility surgery and miscarriage. She leads groundbreaking fertility research projects to increase understanding of the beginnings of pregnancy.

Ying is a Professor of Reproductive Medicine at the University of Southampton, an expert in Fertility Medicine and Surgery and, the Medical Director of Complete Fertility. In her daily practice, she regularly sees and operates on both private and NHS patients. Ying’s key areas of clinical interests include laparoscopic and open fertility surgery, endometriosis, recurrent miscarriage, polycystic ovarian disease and adhesions.

Ying is an active researcher. She leads in the clinical research network for Reproductive Health in Hampshire and Isle of Wight and, lectures around the world disseminating her research. Ying has been awarded numerous research grants and awards from NIHR, MRC, Women in Science and engineering (WISE) and Charities and is Editor and Author to over 100 peer-reviewed papers, books and chapters.

Over the Covid period, she has led on studies specific on investigative tools that can capture patients’ emotional signature during treatment, new ways of monitoring IVF follicular development and the use of emotional digital support tools for patient support.

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  • Co-Founder & Medical Director, Complete Fertility