Matt Eagles

Matt is an award-winning patient champion and motivator, who has lived with Parkinson’s disease for 50 years and is a global KOL. He has spoken at congresses and health tech events all over the world, including Wired Health, Financial Times Health Tech Europe, Cog X, Webit , Giant Health and  Founders Forum   He hosts a monthly podcast for Havas Voice based in New York  called Birds of a Feather   where he uncovers what it’s like living with chronic conditions such as Parkinson’s, Haemophilia, Psoriasis and HIV.

Matt’s enthusiasm and engaging personality means he is extremely well connected with both patient and HCP communities, and he was the first patient to chair at a commercial Pharma congress track at Eye for Pharma Europe in London 2018 and Barcelona 2019. He has also chaired Focus Groups for Patients and Carers on topics such as SwitchedONcology and the Importance of Happiness at Work

An experienced awards judge, Matt includes the Burberry British Diversity Awards, PM Society Communique Awards and the Social Health Awards- Health Union amongst his portfolios.

In his spare time Matt is a Rotarian lover of all sports and an adrenaline junkie, having wing-walked, skydived, absailed and ziplined for Parkinson’s charities.

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  • Head of Patient Voice, Havas Lynx Group