Private Healthcare Summit
15th May 2024 | QEII Centre, London
About The Conference

Private Healthcare Summit

Celebrating its 10 year anniversary last year, the Summit is a key annual event for the private health sector attracting senior executives and decision makers seeking a competitive edge. Combined with LaingBuisson’s latest data insights, the Summit provides invaluable expertise from thought leaders in healthcare operations and marketing.

This unique combination of objective insight and senior delegate participation from across the industry makes this conference the must-attend event for those involved in the private acute healthcare.

Who will be here?

  • Private hospitals, clinics and healthcare practices
  • Private healthcare operators
  • Private medical insurers and brokers
  • Consultants and specialists
  • Corporate purchasers of healthcare benefits
  • Clinical commissioning groups
  • NHS Private Patient Units
  • Patient and consultant organisations
  • Charities, social enterprises and third sector organisations
  • Purchasers and commissioners of private healthcare services
  • Healthcare policymakers and government

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Interactive Panels

Join in for a deep dive on pressing topics.

Conference Agenda

Our Conference Director will provide an introduction to the conference, to our sponsors and partners, and summarise the agenda.

At the forefront of the summit, David Hare MBE and the distinguished Rt Hon Patricia Hewitt will inaugurate the discussion with their views on the impact of a new government on private healthcare. Their combined perspectives will provide attendees with invaluable insights into the evolving landscape of private healthcare provision, guiding delegates through the complexities of navigating this dynamic and evolving terrain amidst shifting political paradigms.

Following the illuminating insights shared by both David Hare and the Rt Hon Patricia Hewitt, the floor will be opened to engage in a dynamic exchange with the audience through a panel format. Attendees will have the opportunity to pose probing questions, offer reflections, and spark discussions that further elucidate the implications of governmental changes on private healthcare.

Within this session, attendees will gain access to a comprehensive unveiling of patient activity across an extensive spectrum of ten specialties within the healthcare domain. Fiona Booth will provide a detailed analysis that illuminates trends, patterns, and key metrics shaping patient engagement and healthcare utilisation.

Healix will delve into the intricacies surrounding the concept of "trusts" within the context of private healthcare. With a wealth of expertise in the field, John Dean will unravel the complexities surrounding trusts, offering attendees a comprehensive understanding of their nature, functionality, and implications within the realm of healthcare provision.

Adam Land, a distinguished authority in regulatory matters, will offer a comprehensive analysis of the CMA Order, elucidating its scope, objectives, and regulatory framework. Adam will provide invaluable insights into the implications and implementation of the CMA Order within the healthcare sector. 

PHIN will provide a comprehensive showcase of how the utilisation of PHIN data can significantly enhance the quality of healthcare services within the private sector. Through a detailed exploration of their data analytics capabilities, attendees will witness firsthand the transformative power of leveraging data-driven insights to drive continuous improvement and ensure the delivery of high-quality care.

Guy Kioni will delve into the transformative realm of the metaverse and blockchain technology, and their profound implications for the future of healthcare. Attendees will be inspired to embrace the transformative potential of the metaverse and blockchain technology as catalysts for positive change in healthcare.

With the proliferation of digital technologies and the exponential growth of healthcare data, safeguarding sensitive patient information and ensuring the integrity of healthcare systems has never been more paramount. Hear from our esteemed keynote speaker as they embark on a deep dive into the multifaceted realm of cyber security within the healthcare sector.

Attendees will embark on an in-depth exploration of the revolutionary impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. Through a comprehensive examination of cutting-edge technologies and innovative applications, this session promises to unveil the transformative potential of AI in revolutionising every facet of the healthcare system.

The eagerly anticipated People Panel, expertly chaired by Sim Scavazza, promises to delve into a diverse array of critical topics shaping the human element of healthcare delivery. With a keen focus on inclusivity, diversity, mental health, and workforce well-being, this session will spark insightful discussions and offer actionable strategies to address the multifaceted challenges facing healthcare organisations today.

The eagerly anticipated Technology panel is poised to delve into two groundbreaking topics reshaping the landscape of healthcare: Femtech and Genomics. With a diverse panel of experts at the helm, attendees can anticipate a thought-provoking exploration of these cutting-edge areas, uncovering their transformative potential and implications for the future of healthcare delivery.

The final session of the day will be a dynamic and insightful gathering, uniting C-suite executives from private hospitals in an engaging dialogue centred around the prevailing and anticipated challenges facing the healthcare industry.

Our Conference Director will close of the day with a brief summary on what we have learnt, reflect on key takeaways and pose the question, what does the future hold?

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