Jim Weight

Weight Partners Capital (“WPC”) was founded by Jim Weight in December 2009 to fill a gap in the UK private equity market by bringing together the best of both operating and investing expertise to produce superior returns. The operating focus naturally brings sector focus and for WPC that is healthcare services in the UK. Jim leads the investment team and chairs the investment committee. He also serves as chairman of Rileys, Trinity, Grosvenor, WPC Hotels and Towerview.

Before launching WPC, Jim enhanced performance as corporate operator and private equity advisor at a series of large companies. Jim was CFO of HiT Entertainment backed by Apax Partners; CFO of Westminster Health Care, backed by Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe, and Goldman Sachs; and divisional board director at Kingfisher (Comet, B&Q, Staples, Entertainment UK, e-Kingfisher). Jim also spent eight years with The Boston Consulting Group.

Jim was a Fulbright Scholar at Harvard Business School where he received an MBA. He also holds a BA in Engineering from Cambridge.

Speaker Details
  • Managing Partner, Weight Partners