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Should there be a children's care system review?
In partnership with Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank. Chaired by LaingBuisson’s CEO, Henry Elphick, this complimentary webinar includes a strong panellest of expert speakers including Jamie Stuart, Deputy Head, Health & Social Care at Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank, Paul Callander, CEO of Horizon Care & Education, Iain Marlow, Investment Director at Ardenton Capital and Sandie Foxall-Smith, Chair at Compass Community.

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Learn more with the Children’s Services UK Market Report 5ed

Will rising demand make a children’s care system review inevitable?

The fifth edition of LaingBuisson’s Children’s Services UK Market Report is essential reading for anyone involved in this vital part of the UK’s social care sector, be they a provider, a commissioner, an investor, an advisor or a policy maker. Written and researched by leading industry expert and commentator, Philip Blackburn, this industry standard report provides unique and in-depth into all areas of the market, and specifically focuses on children in care markets foster care, adoption, children’s residential care, and special education, and also covers leaving care and safeguarding segments.

Written during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, the report includes an introduction which considers the impact that Covid-19 has had on different segments of the children’s services market. It shows circumstances have created an expectation of increased demand to be met in the wake of lockdown. This highlights funding issues, with an annual gap of several billion pounds identified even before the pandemic.

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