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How has Covid-19 impacted the early education and childcare market?
In partnership with Cairneagle and Lincoln International. On December 8 LaingBuisson welcomed a fantastic global panel to examine how the pandemic is shaping the early education and childcare market in the UK, and to compare and contrast that with international markets and look at the latest opportunities for M&A.

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Learn more with the Childcare UK Market Report 16ed (with Covid-19 updates) 16ed report

LaingBuisson’s comprehensive study into the UK’s childcare market. Sixteenth edition. Published orginally on 23 March 2020 (282pp) and updated 8 February 2021 for Covid-19.

The full updated sixteenth edition of LaingBuisson’s Childcare UK Market Report, is essential reading for anyone involved in this historically fast-growing sector. Written by leading education management consultancy, Cairneagle Associates, the updated 2021 reprint charts what has happened in the childcare sector from the early days of the pandemic, through to the third lockdown. The insights provided by this chapter, added to the wider report, make this vital reading for any investor, advisor or provider to this dynamic market.

Strong historic growth and a socially responsible profile continue this market attractive for investors looking for safe havens for their money. With the market still being highly fragmented, there are still benefits to be gained from consolidation.

It also holds the possibility of accretive earnings per share since nurseries are usually worth more in a group than as discreet entities, and there is the chance of outperforming the market by making better commercial decisions. In addition, there is strong support for investment in this market from debt providers.

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