Rachel Mason

Rachel Mason has been self directing her sons’ care & support packages for 17 years. Her two sons, in their 30s with Autism and learning disabilities, are living in their own homes supported by their community and array of digital solutions that work for them.
She is a national speaker, blogger and consultant to local authorities, inspiring them through her own experience, to enhance their digital offer within their care packages.

As a Self directed futures consultant, she supports local authorities and CCGs to redesign their Direct Payments and Individual service funds options, through which creative solutions such as digital TEC can change people’s lives.

The designer of the 247grid, she is determined to see digital apps and software make it easier for statutory services to coproduce more personalised assessments and reviews and be transparent in how care packages are costed; as well as empower people to have more choice and control over their budgets and how their support is planned and delivered.

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  • Self direction consultant