Martin Rochford

Martin Rochford is the CEO and co-founder of MedoSync as well as medical director for MyMedical, operators of Urgent Care Centres in Ireland. Before founding MedoSync, he was the head of the Emergency Department in Tallaght Hospital.

Martin founded MedoSync in 2019 after encountering issues with medical billing in his hospital. This problem has led to the creation of products serving payers and providers as MedoSync aims to eliminate waste associated with medical billing. The company is working with Laya Healthcare, (part of AIG), Irish Life, Bon Secours and Affidea in Ireland as well as expanding to new markets across Europe.

MedoSync recently won an accelerator program run by Siemens Insurance and Bitmarck, a technology provider serving 80% of insurers in Germany, focusing on digitizing data coming from outpatient providers.

Martin is a keen technologist and recently completed the Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme with Oxford University and the Said Business School.

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  • CEO, MedoSync