Howard Allen

Having spent the early part of my career in FMCG marketing and then in financial services internationally with American Express, I have subsequently been in Fintech across Asia, Berlin and London.

I think Fintech is of a maturity to help solve problems, not just to digitise traditional financial services. However, this requires considerable engagement from stakeholders to truly understand issues and to craft solutions. HealthMoni is on a journey to bring Fintech to Health and Care, initially looking at Social Care.

Firstly, I’d say the Care sector lags Health and is not yet leveraging available tools. Whilst there is a great deal of valiant activity, a lot has the benefit of being very close to the person needing care but isn’t easily scalable. From a financial perspective a point to note is that most care is not managed by the care recipient. It is often managed by a family member or a professional intermediary.

HealthMoni aims to relieve the burden and make it easier to manage the financial aspects of Social Care and to reduce the heavy administrative costs in the Social care system.

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  • Founder, HealthMoni