Emma Back

Emma Back founded Equal Care in 2018 as a platform co-op dedicated to redistributing the power balance in social care – an area of life and work suffering from deep inequities and systemic injustice. Equal Care is a multi-stakeholder co-operative pioneering a way of providing care and support that is relationship-centred, recognises the unpaid labour in caregiving and targets local autonomy at scale. In 2019 a community share offer raised £400K, with 2020 being Equal Care’s pilot year for launch of the operational mode (what a year to choose!). They are soon to launch their next share offer to raise capital for growth.
Emma’s background is in community development and mental health. She is a Finance Innovation Lab Fellow. Her experience working in the social care sector at the interface of its tendering and commissioning practices led to the creation of Equal Care as a vehicle to move money and decision-making to the people who do the giving and the receiving. She lives in Yorkshire, UK with her partner and two young boys.

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  • Founder, Equal Care Co-op