Dr Anushka Patchava

Anushka has over 10+ years of clinical and corporate experience, devising and implementing tactical, data-driven and technology-enabled strategies to drive profitability and growth, across pharmaceutical, digital health, medical device and health insurance sectors. She has practised as a physician in the UK and US and has lived and/or worked in Europe, Middle East, America and the Asia-Pacific markets.

In her current role as Deputy Chief Medical Officer at Vitality, Anushka is focused on managing clinical risk, developing and delivering high-quality care through innovative phy-digital clinical pathways and creating governance structures to drive robust clinical and commercial outcomes. She is responsible for the following departments: Policy and Evidence, Medical Underwriting, Vitality (Cancer) Care and Primary Care. Outside of the day job, Anushka serves as an Expert Advisor to the United Nations (CEFACT) in Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain and can be found training for the next regional power-lifting competition or obstacle course endurance race.

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  • Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Vitality