David James

Dave has worked in regulation for 16 years, joining the Commission for Social Care Inspection in 2006 which then became part of the Care Quality Commission in 2009. 

Before moving into policy work he worked in data and national reporting, developing the regulator’s data and reporting capabilities and leading on the analysis of capacity and quality of adult social care for the State of Social Care reports. 

Moving into policy work, he led the development and implementation of CQC’s Market Oversight function and oversaw CQC’s publication on the use of surveillance in health and care settings. In 2017 he led the work to update CQC’s inspection methodology, building on the new approach which was introduced in 2014. 

He was the driving force behind CQC’s new single assessment framework for provider and systems regulation. His current main areas of focus are on developing and implementing CQC’s approach to local authority assessment and other key aspects of CQC’s future regulatory model. He is also leading the policy work on digital reform in social care for CQC.

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  • Head of Adult Social Care Policy, CQC