Carla van Wyk

Carla joined Amrit in 2019 to help head up the Walfinch Franchise Operation. Skilled at building relationships and developing long-term operational strategies, Carla has worked closely with the Management team to meet company objectives and oversees all documentation of all operations to ensure that consistent, efficient workflows are in place, yielding optimal productivity and performance.

Carla has been very involved in the Franchising legislations and Regulations, specifically the core regulatory aspects that relate to a successful CQC Registration. She has ascertained the types of information and documentation that needs to be in place prior to embarking on each Franchisee’s CQC Registration journey. Carla and her operations team work closely with each Franchisee assisting them with their on-boarding process which includes the full CQC process from application through to CQC interview stage and successful registration.

Carla, a true South African at heart, studied psychology at the University of Stellenbosch in Cape Town and moved from South Africa to the UK with her family in 2015. She lives in St Albans with her husband and 2 children. Her strength is the efficiency with which she delivers support to those she serves.

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  • Head of Operations, Walfinch