Ali Bahram


Ali Bahram joined Mansfield Advisors in 2018 and has worked on projects across all of Mansfield’s verticals including healthcare provision, life sciences and pharma, veteinrary and social care. Social projects include elderly care homes, homecare, specialist care and children’s specialist schools. He recently finished a secondment in the Operational Capital Markets division at Savills with a focus on healthcare. Prior to joining Mansfield, Ali completed his B.A. in Chemical Engineering at the University of Cambridge.

Mansfield Advisors is a leading strategy consulting firm across healthcare (including social care and education), life sciences and veterinary with a focus on corporate strategy and commercial due diligence.  We work for public and private corporate clients and private equity firms with the aim of adding value by advising them on growth, market entry, go to market, commercial due diligence and digital transformation strategies.

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  • Engagement Manager, Mansfield Advisors