Innovation in Care Conference 2024

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Our Conference Chair will provide an introduction to the conference, to our sponsors and partners, and summarise the agenda.

Engage in a thought-provoking debate to kickstart the day, where we delve into the very essence of innovation in social care. Let's sow the seeds of transformation and explore how innovation can thrive within the broader context of society and community. Join us for an enlightening discussion that promises to set the tone for an innovative and impactful day ahead.

The challenges evident in eldercare, such as workforce retention, access to care, and accommodation quality, are so well known that it is possible to lose sight of the evidence that grounds our assumptions. Our keynote speaker, Tim Read will delve into the data to highlight areas that showcase the need for change at all points across the elder care market, and look at whether in our desire to embrace innovation we are continuing to seek solutions to the right questions. 

Join our leaders in the social care field as they ignite a discussion on the radical shifts and groundbreaking transformations needed to drive true innovation. Explore how revolutionising traditional approaches can propel social care into a future defined by bold, impactful changes. Be part of the conversation that challenges the status quo and paves the way for a revolutionary era of innovation in social care.

Discover the architectural and environmental essentials that lay the foundation for groundbreaking care solutions. Our panel will unveil the strategic design elements and considerations necessary to cultivate an environment that nurtures and enhances innovation within the realm of care. Join us as we unlock the potential of purposeful spaces and pave the way for a new era of innovative care practices.

Engage in a candid and introspective discussion as we examine the trajectory of social care, evaluate current progress, and pinpoint essential areas for change. Let's spotlight the importance of involving individuals in their care journey and identify actionable strategies to enhance empowerment. Together, we'll shape a future where care is a collaborative endeavor, ensuring a more fulfilling and responsive approach to social care.

Delve into a riveting conversation about the role of technology in fostering innovation within the social care landscape. Join our panel as they dissect whether technology simply enables or acts as a facilitator, and explore how it can also create immense value. Let's peel back the layers, decipher the impact, and uncover the potential of tech-driven innovations in revolutionising social care. Don't miss this stimulating debate.

Embark on a transformative discussion as our panel explores the imperative to reimagine and reshape how we perceive and utilise the workforce in the realm of social care. Discover the fresh perspectives and innovative strategies needed to unlock the full potential of our human resources, ultimately driving groundbreaking advancements in care. Join us in this enlightening dialogue as we redefine the future of the social care workforce.

Our skilled summariser will reflect back to delegates the key points of the day and round off for people to be able to leave refreshed and ready to innovate.

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Conference Director, LaingBuisson
Vice President of Customer Success, Patients Know Best
Head of Staff Experience Programmes, Point of Care Foundation
CEO, Point of Care Foundation
Programme Director for Digitising Social Care, NHS England
Board Member and Chair, Ambient Support
Head of Patient Voice, Havas Lynx Group
Co-Founder & CEO, Nobi
Head of Digital Transformation, ECL (Essex Cares Limited)
Director of Product Marketing, The Access Group
Senior Commissioning Manager, Lancashire County Council
Founder, Future of Health
Founder & CEO, Glassmoon
Project Manager, Digital Care Hub
Systemic Change, Impro
Managing Director, Looking Local
Deputy Director, Adult Social Care Technology Policy, Department of Health and Social Care
Executive Co-Chairman, National Care Association
Director, IMPACT (Improving Adult Care Together)
Founder & Director, Fleet Architects
Executive Director of Engagement, CQC
Professor Emerita of Nursing, Care for Older People
Co-Founder & CEO, Pairly
Director of Research & Content, LaingBuisson
Head of Health & Social Care, Esri UK
CEO and Co-Founder, BelleVie
Director of Care and Wellbeing, Royal Star & Garter
CEO & Co-Founder, Lifted Care
CEO, The Care Workers' Charity