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Does the ESG framework call for strong environmental initiatives?

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Learn more with the Investing in Healthcare and Real Estate Market Report 2ed

Digital report only. This is the second edition of the Investing in Healthcare and Real Estate Report, LaingBuisson’s annual report into the role of real estate and healthcare REITS in UK healthcare market.

LaingBuisson’s Investing in Healthcare and Real Estate is a further reminder of the interconnectedness of the modern world. Healthcare accounts for 10% or more of economies across the developed world, and social care adds another 2-3 percentage points. The USA is by far the largest market.

While the share of healthcare delivered by the private sector varies widely from country to country, even those with relatively ‘socialised’ healthcare systems have a place for independent providers and health and social care. And this is big business, whether in the delivery of frontline services, healthcare products or the digital platforms that promise to make healthcare more efficient and, in many cases, empower customers.

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We have a team of over 40 consultants, many of whom are clinicians, and a large key opinion leader network with a broad range of expertise. Our firm delights in learning and sharing knowledge and enabling our team to engage productively with our clients.

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